Why F2S Leadership Coaching?

I’ve had many mentors help me reach new levels, but it wasn’t until Dave Scott
started coaching me that I realized my potential to reach them.
— Dan D. Pastor - Rose City Church, Pasadena, CA


F2S Leadership Coaching focuses on who and what you have the most control over – you and your actions and attitudes. F2S Leadership Coaching emphasizes developing new actions – not stopping at new insights and good intentions. F2S Leadership Coaching allows you to work on real challenges in real time – because you set the agenda for your leadership coaching sessions.

Sometimes We All Need A Helping Hand. 

Whether we are overcoming obstacles, running through rough terrain, fighting fatigue, or pursuing a new personal best, sometimes we all need a helping hand. Whether it concerns your personal life, your ministry, or one of your relationships, there are times you get stuck and could benefit from a fellow journeyman. Someone who will listen, ask insightful questions, and guide you to new awareness so that you can confidently approach the opportunities before you. That's why you need a Leadership Coach.



Harness the power of partnership that Leadership Coaching provides and accelerate your transformation into a smarter, more influential, and effective leader.  As your coach I offer to you a muddied hand to grasp your muddied hand. I am in this journey with you. I am your advocate guiding you to greater vitality and courage as you pursue God’s calling so that you may be the kind of person who has clarity on the moving of the Spirit in your life and then acts in obedience to His prompting.


Imagine your life with even greater vitality and courage as you pursue God’s calling! When you enter into a leadership coaching relationship with me, you will set your own agenda, accelerate your transformation, and increase your influence on those the Lord has brought into your life.

God’s Part - The Holy Spirit is already at work in you guiding and teaching and empowering you to fully engage in His calling for you.

Your Part - Gaining greater awareness of what the Spirit is leading you into and then walking in obedience to what He has revealed. 

My Part - Engaging in an ongoing conversation, listening and asking questions, provoking new insights and awareness. Then cheering you on as you develop an action plan to respond to what the Lord has revealed to you.


Coaching IS about you – your goals, your learning, and your growth. Together you and I, your coach, will listen to the Holy Spirit to hear His voice about you.

Coaching IS about learning – rather than teaching. You are the expert on your life. As your coach I will use coaching techniques such as active listening, open questions, encouragement, challenging a bit, and always remaining supportive. I do all this to assist you in discovering insights and taking next steps.

Coaching IS about action – your action. Each session you will determine 2-3 actions steps you will take before the next session. You may be surprised how quickly you progress toward your goals.


Coaching IS NOT therapy – Although many of the communication techniques are the same, like active listening, reflecting, use of questions, limited advice giving, etc., therapy focuses on the past to bring healing and unblock a person to move ahead. Coaching is future and action-oriented, for people who are basically clear of psychological and emotional issues.

Coaching IS NOT mentoring – Mentors are experts in a particular field who seek to pass on their expertise to another person. Mentors provide knowledge, advice, guidance, correction, and encouragement to people who are newer and junior—by experience if not by position or age. They may use some coaching techniques, but mentors usually play the roles of advisor and teacher to guide and impart knowledge and wisdom.

Coaching IS NOT training – In training, the trainer sets the agenda. Change comes from outside the participant, via the trainer. In coaching, you set the agenda. Coaches use adult learning principles of self-discovery to motivate change from within you.

Coaching IS NOT authoritarian – Did you have a tough sports coach who used to yell at you and make you do a million push-ups if you made a mistake? That’s not coaching. As your coach I may push you beyond what you might think you can do, but will always be supportive. You are in control. The responsibility to decide and act is yours. 


Pastors & Leaders... enlist an advocate who will walk with you and help you process how you might live out the dreams and visions God has given you for kingdom work.

Business Leaders... bring someone into the conversation who will ask thought-provoking questions to help you keep focused on the action steps which will move you toward your business goals.

Students... draw upon a seasoned leader who through insightful questions will help you process some of your next steps to take at this critical point in your life.

Others... the reality is we all have goals and dreams we would like to achieve. As a result of our coaching relationship and your determined action steps, you will experience these aspirations in a more timely manner.